Help Haiti


Skip something and give hope to Haiti.

All donations given through February will go to helping those effected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The devastation in Haiti from the January 13th 7.0-magnitude earthquake is like nothing we’ve seen in the Western Hemisphere in our lifetimes. Estimates range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands dead, and clearly the remaining millions of adults and children left injured, homeless, hungry and thirsty.

Haiti is near and dear to the heart of as our team just recently returned from a trip where we delivered food and supplies to what has been called “the poorest of poor”. In fact, our first container shipment with food boxes just arrived there this month.  It is in the process of being distributed through our local Haitian and Dominican Republic support team, Esperanza, as we speak.

But we want to send more. NOW. And we need your help. There is no time to lose. Things in Haiti will only get worse over the next few days and weeks. That’s why every dollar donated to through the rest of January will go directly to help the victims of Haiti. We’re sure the other areas of the world we support through Skip1 agree that right now, Haiti needs it more.

Please SKIP something right now, and donate the money instead. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. If you could see how far a dollar goes in Haiti (like we did) you would realize how skipping a pack of gum helps save a child. And right now, more than ever before, a child in Haiti needs you to SKIP.

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