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More than a billion people are undernourished. Skip1.org taps into the world’s wealth to bring food and water to children and families in need. The idea is simple: instead of spending a few bucks on that latte, a car wash, that magazine, a manicure or even lunch – SKIP IT! And donate the money instead to Skip1.org. 100% of your donation goes to the acquisition and distribution of food and water projects worldwide.

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Whether it’s building a kitchen at a school in the Dominican Republic or at an orphanage in Peru; or bringing clean water to a village in Uganda or feeding homeless families right here in America, Skip1.org is committed to bringing food and water to children and families in need. We do this by building new kitchens and renovating existing ones, financially supporting food distribution and feeding programs in places where kitchens can't be built and by supporting clean water and sustainable agricultural initiatives as needed.

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You can skip whatever you want. Someone recently skipped cancer! As long as it's not inappropriate or in bad taste, we'll post it on the website. Below are just a few examples of what you can skip, but get creative with your skips!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert Snack
Car Wash Coffee Bottled Water Pack of Gum A Magazine
A New Shirt Pair of Shoes Cab Fare Golf Game Manicure/Pedicure
Birthday Party Massage Video Game A Movie Haircut

Once you've skipped something, tell us about it. We'd love to hear what you skipped and why.