Marcie Skips Cancer

My cancer story is unusual. After rounds of surgeries, roller coaster emotions and estrogen inhibitor treatments, I got fed up with having to think about cancer, so I decided to "skip" it!

I would much rather think about children getting fed and homeless people having shelter than this ridiculous disease! Children have always been my passion. I started working with kids when I was sixteen and have grown more in love with them as the years have gone on.

One thing that I had always wanted to do was have a child of my own. Clearly, after a hysterectomy and surgery, I have come to terms with the reality of cancer. I used to think that ones legacy was only evident in the bloodline of their own children. Not having that opportunity forced me to think about what kind of legacy I would leave. How could I make a difference in this life before being called Home? Fortunately, God has given me the opportunity to share my life with other people’s children through my work at a preschool and service at church with the Jr. High group, not to mention my amazing nieces and their awesome cousins, and the kids of a dear friend…being an aunt is my favorite title!

A few weeks ago, just about 3 ½ months after my last surgery and clean bill of health, some routine scans showed that I had 11 tumors in my pelvis, abdomen, and lungs. It was an overwhelming diagnosis as the estrogen inhibitor should have been all I needed to keep the cancer away. That was the second time I got fed up and decided to “skip” cancer.

Even though I have little control in my journey with cancer, I know that sending some money to help someone who needs and deserves... it changes the world.l
Then, a wonderful thing happened- my sister-in-law, Shanda, and some other friends started inviting others on Facebook to skip with me as I fight this disease.

There has been some great money raised in the name of this ridiculous disease already! I ended up making a pledge to skip $5 every time my tumors shrink enough for me to lose an inch around my abdomen and invited my friends to join me. I figured we can all easily afford $5 and that it would add up nicely when all of this is over. (I’ve lost 2 inches in 2 weeks!) I was blown away to see dear friends skipping much more than that!

I love Skip1 and everything it stands for, and I’m excited for the opportunity to help friends know how easy it is to truly help someone else.

Many of my friends have asked me “Why you?” My answer is “Why not me?” I wouldn’t want them to have it. I believe God uses our circumstances for His glory and for our good. I am determined to not waste this opportunity. I don’t know how much time I have, but I want to leave a legacy of love and one that inspires people to “do” for others.
Most of all, I want people to see Jesus in me. I have an awesome promise of Heaven awaiting and I want to be sure my life helps others see that they can have the same promise.

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Skip Your Birthday in Style!

One of our favorite skippers, Ryan Newman, recently skipped her 13th BIRTHDAY PARTY. Moved by her passion and joy, we had to share her story with you! We recently caught up with Ryan and she totally inspired us to skip our birthdays! Here's how YOU can, too!



Skip the Gifts without Skipping the FUN!





Get Your Friends Involved!





See the IMPACT of what you SKIPPED!



Happy Birthday, Ryan! Thank you for SKIPPING and being an advocate of children in need. The world is more beautiful because you are in it!




Why I Skip

I Skip because I can. I Skip because it allow me to pause in my day and do a little something for someone else. It's fast, easy and I am confident that the money I donate goes straight to the people who need it most.

Congratulations Deanna Sarlo!

More than 1,200 people entered to win the pajamas worn by Ashley Tisdale in her new movie Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, but it was Deanna Sarlo, a teenager from New Jersey, who was randomly selected and won the prize! "When I won I felt shocked!" Deanna told Skip1's founder Shelene Bryan, "I'm excited to see Skip1 grow even bigger!" Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and to those who continue to support one of Ashley Tisdale's favorite charities,

Pictured above: Deanna Sarlo wearing the pajamas she won!

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Beyond the Bag

Remember our 12/12 event last year when we skipped for the homeless and ask you to send in your "Beyond the Bag" stories?

"It's not really for homeless people, it's for all these people to have a positive interaction with a homeless person." -Mark Horvath

On 2/2/11 we were able to give our friend Rd the leg up of a lifetime and provide housing because you skipped. We chose to skip bureaucracy.

When we skip, we change lives forever.

Make a difference in the world on 10-10-10

This Sunday on 10-10-10 tell 10 friends to Skip 1 small thing they really don't need, and donate $10 to instead.  We'll announce the total donated on the home page. Watch and see what $10 can do when you multiply it 10x10x10x10... Skip Today!

Candace Cameron Bure Skips at VH1 Awards

Candace Cameron Bure is a devoted supporter of, and Monday evening she proclaimed her passion for feeding hungry children when she appeared at the VH1 Do Something Awards wearing a shirt emblazoned with the logo.

Candace is actively involved in's efforts to build a kitchen to feed the children at  Lumbrera de Caballona School in the Dominican Republic. Candace stars in Make It or Break It on ABC Family. She previously starred in Full House. Candace has over 53,000 followers on Twitter and regularly updates her fans about the work of

Shelene Bryan founded when she realized how far a little goes to feed a hungry child. Visit to see how easy it is to Skip.